Election 2008 – How Do Christians Decide?

Rep. Vs. Dem.

I’m sure we’re all a bit leery right now about anything that comes out of a politician’s mouth. One can’t help but wonder what motivates people to go to the lengths they do to get elected President of the United States. Yes, there’s power, but at what price?

As a Christian, I’m struggling with every choice out there. I try to listen to debates. I try not to get swept up on the facade that is politics, and stick to the issues, but honestly, I’m afraid if any of these candidates make it to office.

I have a couple of websites I frequent that help me pin the candidates down on issues. See below…

1.) Politics1.com (All parties)

2.) Yahoo News – Election ’08 (major parties only)

I’m not really open for debate on these candidates, but I am curious who other Christians are leaning towards. Feel free to leave me a comment.