21-Day Fast (Day 5) More Than Just Food

The Last Holiday Party of the Season 

Last night was the final family party for the Holidays. I sat it out. Yes, I missed it, but now that it’s behind me, I consider this a small victory for my spirit. But, this was not without a lesson learned. As I prayed this morning it dawned on me that when fasting food, you’re actually fasting everything that’s associated with food.

With the family party, I sat out the meal and prayed. Not that this makes me a saint, I just felt like that was the thing to do. Once the meal was over I did return to socialize. But, there’s so much socializing that surrounds food. Eating together is a time to bond with family and friends. Even Jesus chose the night in which he was betrayed, to give direction to His disciples over a meal.

So, when fasting food, this is just one example of what else we fast; essentially, time from our family (if they’re not fasting with you). Now, that’s not to say the only social time we spend with our families should revolve around food, but it’s just one facet that I miss. We discuss things at the dinner table. We share feelings and experiences. As a parent, I give encouragement and direction during dinner. It’s an element our society has gotten away from as they move towards watching T.V. while eating or eating at separate times due to varying schedules.

I know this is only for 21 days, but when something like that has become a part of your family culture, you certainly miss it. I’ll have a new found appreciation for not only the return of food at the end of the fast, but for the bonding time I spend with my family at the table.

Woe is Me?

I’m sorry that this entry has a somber tone to it, but as I reflected further, I’m reminded of the sacrifice that Christ performed for me. I don’t deserve his love and mercy, and I certainly didn’t deserve the gift of His Life for mine at Calvary. He’s made possible all the blessings I have today. So rather than focus on the loss of something, how about I focus on all I’ve gained and will continue to gain during the fast? Perhaps the feeling that I am neglecting my family during meal time, could be a clear indication of my neglect with my relationship with Jesus.

How Do I Feel?

Physically I feel OK. I’m not feeling stellar by any sense, but focusing on the short term isn’t wise. Focusing on the long term benefits of the fast keeps me encouraged. Another HUGE plus is my closeness with my Master. The meals I’ve missed and social time I’ve missed, are of little consequence when I factor in the meals of His Word and His presence that have been so bountiful!

One thought on “21-Day Fast (Day 5) More Than Just Food

  1. Hey – just wanted to drop in and say thanks for your encouragement on my blog and for the prayers. I’ll be following your progress too and pray for you as well.

    I believe you are correct about how fasting food doesn’t just mean that we’re doing without food. It has been a long practice for me to get my girls up in the morning and eat breakfast with them. Then my family always eats dinner together around the table. I miss that family time too.

    Hang in there – I know the payoff will be well worth the few headaches and hunger pains.

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