The Gavel of Truth

  • Truth attests; lies detest.
  • Truth binds us; lies bind us up.
  • Truth connects; lies dissect.
  • Truth consists: lies resist.
  • Truth conveys; lies betray.
  • Truth corrects; lies reject.
  • Truth creates victors; lies create victims.
  • Truth cures; lies obscure.
  • Truth defeats; lies retreat.
  • Truth defends; lies depend.
  • Truth does; lies try.
  • Truth exterminates; lies contaminate.
  • Truth hangs on; lies hang up.
  • Truth is selfless; lies are selfish.
  • Truth is strict; lies restrict.
  • Truth is the answer; lies are the cancer.
  • Truth leads us; lies lead us on.
  • Truth overcomes; lies succumb.
  • Truth overrides; lies ride over.
  • Truth promotes; lies demote.
  • Truth protects; lies project.
  • Truth refines; lies confine.
  • Truth reflects; lies deflect.
  • Truth refutes; lies dilute.
  • Truth resolves; lies dissolve.
  • Truth reveals; lies conceal.
  • Truth stands with; lies withstand.
  • Truth steps up; lies step out.
  • Truth travels alone; lies come in packs.
  • Truth will abound; lies keep you bound.
  • Truth will carry you; lies will bury you.
  • Truth will out give; lies will give out.
  • Truth will raise hope; lies erase hope.
  • Truth will refresh; lies will repress.
  • Truth will unite; lies will untie.
  • Truth will uphold you; lies will hold you up.
  • Truth will; lies won’t.

By: Rodger Mangold

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