The Lessons of Bryce’s Life

The Lessons of Bryce’s Life – by Rodger Mangold II

NOTE: 3 years ago today Bryce’s family experienced perhaps the saddest day they will ever experience – Bryce passed away suddenly and far too early for us all. Our hearts still are holding up the family in prayer and love. May we never forget this young man and the lessons his brief life taught us all.

Full of promise, eyes that glistened, a boy that was “all-boy” to the end,
Little Bryce Pierson’s life is gone, a shock to his family and friends.

A 7-year-old, that lived life to the fullest, brought joy to his mom and his dad,
A smile that was sure to melt your heart, now the family is broken and sad.

You’ll hear words like, “Bryce is in a better place, he’s certainly now with the Lord,”
Words meant to bring you great comfort, but your heart isn’t any less sore.

Uncontrollable tears will fall from your eyes; your heart will pound out of your chest,
Don’t you dare look back with an ounce of regret, Jeff and Sheri you both did your best.

To dwell on the loss of this precious boy could rob you of the joy that he brought us,
Look back if you can on the happy times, and the lessons his short life has taught us.

Grass stains, ripped blue jeans, untied shoes; all just par for the course,
Run, romp, play, enjoy life, live each moment without chance of remorse.

Oh, to be 7 years old again, we live vicariously through the next generation,
To live care-free, from one adventure to the next, no regrets worthy of mention.

Why not take each day as Bryce did, looking forward to the promise within,
Take time to enjoy life’s pleasures, like the sunrise, the sunset, and the wind.

Simple things we’ve taken for granted, working hard to pay off all our debt,
Our children really need more time with us, another chance we may never get.

Hug your children tighter, longer, and more often, kissing them from head to toe,
Tickle them till they laugh, rock them when they cry, reach for their hand to hold.

We know that children are a gift from God, sometimes that seems like a chore,
As small as they are, they won’t be forever, so cherish them all the more.

There’s no doubt in our mind, you’ll miss dear Bryce, an untimely end to be sure,
May God grant you comfort and peace in your hearts, only He truly holds the cure.

The Lord knew Heaven was incomplete without Bryce, but for us it’s all just too abrupt,
He’s up there with Jesus, his mansion complete, where no moth, or rust can corrupt.

Let’s not forget, Jesus loves the little children, red and yellow, black and white,
We see the death of Bryce as a loss, but to the Lord, it’s precious in His sight.

Let the fondness of Bryce’s memory and the reflection of his smile, give warmth to your sorrowful soul,
Let the promise of seeing him again bring you peace; when reunited his sweet hand you’ll hold.

Dedicated to the family, written by Rodger D. Mangold II

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