Childhood Holiday Memories

Growing up, my parents were quite the decorators. My Dad went to lengths to make sure that our “picture window” indeed had a picture. I can remember people driving by real slowly to admire my dad’s handy-work. The pictures don’t show them real well, but he lined the interior of these pictures with lights, painstakingly lining up and taping each light. One of these pictures (Easter) even includes a picture of Margie (my sister), Rodney (my brother), Deanna (Mom), and Yours Truly! Like most fathers, Dad was taking the picture; probably with his favorite Pentax camera. There was a lot of talent in those windows, but more than that there was a lot of LOVE!

This was the picture window at our house at 367 S. Christine in Westland, MI – We had some great memories in that home. I was 10 years old when we moved into that house and just after I graduated from John Glenn High School in Westland, we relocated to where my mom and dad currently live.

Thanks Mom and Dad for these memories!

Double-hearts Lit  Double Heart Day
St. Pat's Day
 St. Pat's Day

One thought on “Childhood Holiday Memories

  1. Dalre`: Yes, they sure do bring back the memories and I have one special one that I am sure you will remember when I send it to you. I really thank the Lord for the wonderful times we had while you, Margie and Rodney
    (me & dad, too) were growing up.
    Just let me know if you want to roll back the curtain, so to speak. haha
    Love your Madre` :)

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