He’s Not in the Manger Anymore


He’s Not In the Manger Anymore

By: Rodger D. Mangold

In the hustle and bustle, we should pause to remember,

It’s Christ Jesus’ birth we’re celebrating in December.


Fancy bows and decorative ribbon adorn each gift and yet,

Christ gave the best gift of all; He died for our sins, don’t forget.


Remember the humble manger and the virgin-birth indeed,

He’s also Jehovah robed in flesh, who died to make men free.


Don’t idly stand at the manger scene just warming to his cuddle and coo;

For that innocent baby will lay down his life and give it in ransom for you.


As you trim your tree with garland, with tinsel and twinkling lights,

Don’t forget the rugged tree at Calvary; the cross where Jesus died.


Rusty nails would pierce the sinless hands of our precious dying Savior,

Could this display of His unfeigned love for the world be any greater?


Won’t you make His birth worth it? And greater still His death?

As Christ said the words, “It is finished” and drew His final breath.


No longer the babe, asleep in the manger, wrapped in swaddling clothes,

He’s the Holy Lamb and victorious Savior, triumphant over death He arose.


The angels declared, “Peace on earth, and good will toward men!”

Aren’t you thankful that Jesus promised to one day come again?


He’ll descend from Heaven with a shout and split the eastern sky,

To take us to a place He’s prepared, where no tears shall dim the eye.


Christ invites you today, put an end to your sin that has you so tightly bound.

Wash clean your heart in Jesus Name, and be ready for that last trumpet sound.


Is your conscience clean and your heart ready, free from the burden of sin?

Or are you still standing at the humble manger, just admiring the wee baby’s grin?


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