100 Book Challenge – Recommendations are Rolling in

Want to send out a huge thanks to so many of my friends who have been submitting recommendations for the 100 Book Challenge. Here’s a sampling so far…

Recommended Books

  1. Hinds Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard
  2. Blessed Life by Robert Morris
  3. Blessed Church by Robert Morris
  4. Tabernacle of Moses, Tabernacle of David, Tabernacle of Solomon by Kevin J. Conner
  5. Realign by Eugene Wilson
  6. Spiritual Authority by Watchman Nee
  7. A Call to Die by David Nasser
  8. Imitation of Christ by Thomas Kempis
  9. Gods at War Kyle Idleman
  10. H3 Leadership by Brad Lomerick (Completed 1/4/17)
  11. Influencer by Grenny, Patterson, McMillan, Maxfield, and Switzler (Completed 1/5/17)
  12. Deep and Wide by Andy Stanley (Completed 1/26/17)
  13. If by Mark Batterson (Completed 1/20/17)
  14. Spirit Controlled Temperament by Tim LaHaye
  15. Let My People Grow by Tim Massengale
  16. Deep Calls Unto Deep by Watchman Nee
  17. These are the Garments by C.W. Slemming
  18. 7 Decisions by Andy Andrews
  19. Breaking Growth Barriers
  20. The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni
  21. Who Moved my Cheese by Spencer Johnson
  22. Peaks and Valleys by Spencer Johnson
  23. Bill Drost the Pentecost by Bill Drost
  24. Before We Kill and Eat You by HB Garlock
  25. Insanity of God by Nik Ripken
  26. Insanity of Obedience by Nik Ripken
  27. Seventy – Everyone Needs a Team by Eugene T. Wilson
  28. Quiet by Susan Cain
  29. A Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards
  30. From Rome to Jerusalem by Douglas G. Hanscomb
  31. Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln by James C. Humes
  32. Essential Church? Thom Rainer
  33. The Christian Atheist by Craig Groeschel
  34. 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell
  35. Uncommon by Tony Dungy & Nathan Whitaker (Completed 1/11/17)
  36. Take the Stairs by Rory Vaden
  37. Procrastinate on Purpose by Rory Vaden
  38. Chase the Lion by Mark Batterson
  39. Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach
  40. Ultimate Leadership Defining Moment by Nathaniel J. Wilson
  41. Found: God’s Will by John MacArthur
  42. Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire by Jim Cymbala
  43. Future Edge by Joel Arthur Barker
  44. Your Pastor, Your Shepherd by James Lee Beall
  45. A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 by Phillip Keller
  46. Prayer by Verbal Bean
  47. Works of the Holy Ghost by Verbal Bean
  48. Scary Close by Donald Miller
  49. Start with the Why by Simon Sinek
  50. God Dreams: 12 Vision Templates for Finding and Focusing Your Church’s Future by Will Mancini and Warren Bird
  51. With Christ in the School of Prayer by Andrew Murray
  52. The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way You Lead Forever by Michael Bungay Stanier (Completed 1/10/17)
  53. Praying Hyde by Captain E.G. Carre (Completed 1/3/17)
  54. Scary Close by Donald Miller
  55. Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield
  56. Battle Plan for Prayer by Stephen and Alex Kendrick (Completed 1/18/17)
  57. Creating Community by Bill Willits & Andy Stanley (Completed 1/23/17)
  58. Bate of Satan by John Bevere


Recommended Authors

  1. Leonard Ravenhill
  2. John Bevere
  3. Gene Edwards
  4. Smith Wigglesworth
  5. John G. Lake
  6. Lester Sumrall
  7. Perry Stone

I know this list is sure to grow. The easy part is compiling the list…the hard part will be diving straight into the deep end!

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