Mangold Family Tree

Here I will endeavor, with the help of my relatives, to populate what information we can collect about the geneology of the Mangold Clan that currently hails from southeast Missouri. The details are sketchy, and the dates are not firm yet, but the following is an attempt to connect the dots.

According to undocumented information our branch of the Mangolds hail from what was called after World War II, East Germany, what was known as Frankfurt on the Oder. Frankfurt on the Oder (or Frankfurt an der Oder), is not to be confused with Frankfort am Main. Based on family reports, the Mangolds are of East German-Jewish descent. The exact time of thier immigration to the United States has not yet been determined, but based on estimates, is close to late 1800’s or 1900’s.

To the best of my knowledge, here is what I can determine thus far. I more than likely do not have the birth order correct for some of the earlier generations so information here would be helpful.

Mangold Family Tree

Numbers indicate Generations

 1. Frankfurt, Germany Mangolds

    2. Mary Cecil, Earvie Sr., Clarence, Grace, Lola, Orville, Lloyd, (and several others that I have not confirmed yet) Mangold

        3. Marianne (Mary Cecil Mangold Chambers)

        3. Earvie Jr., Betty, Ruby (Earvie Mangold, Sr.)

        3. Clarence and Ida had no children together

           4. Rodger, Michael, Yolanda Mangold (Earvie, Jr.)

           4. Stoney Taylor (Betty Mangold – Taylor)

           4. Brenda and Others? (Ruby Mangold – ?)

               5. Rodger II, Margie, Rodney (Rodger Sr.)

                   6. Nathan, Katelyn Mangold (Rodger, II’s children)

                   6. William, Nicholas Scott (Margie’s children)

                   6. Billie Dove, Rodney Jr. (Rodney’s Children)

               5. Sheree and Shonna (Michael)

                   6. Wyatt Sanchez (Sheree)

                   6. No Children (Shonna)

               5. Dawnshera, Jessica, Charity, Natalie (Yolanda Mangold – Johnson)

                   6. Emily and Abby Chambers (Dawnshera and Darrin)

                   6. Chloe Boss (Jessica)

                   6. Caleb O’Brien (Charity and Shawn)

                   6. No Children (Natalie)

Mangold’s Grove – Where the Mangolds Come From

Mangold’s Grove – located on HWY 412 between Bakerville and Hayti.  This settlement was originally called Skinner’s Place for J.A. and Leonard Skinner who owned it.  There was a large building there which housed a grocery store and a night club.  In the 1930s , several killings took place there, and according to many accounts, it was known as one of the roughest places in the county. In 1937, Clarence Edward Mangold moved his wife and three children – Lois, Earvie and Betty – there from Kennett, originally coming from Mayfield, Kentucky, and bought the grocery store from the Skinners.  The settlement then became known as Mangolds Grove for the large grove of trees that grew south of the store. The Fourth of July celebrations there became widely known, and gypsies would pitch their tents there and large jamborees would take place.  The daughter of Clarence Mangold, Betty Mangold Taylor, lived at Mangolds Grove all her life and taught at Deering school system for many years, first as a counselor, then as a third grade teacher. 

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Mangold’s Grove