Mangold’s Grove – Where the Mangolds Come From

Mangold’s Grove – located on HWY 412 between Bakerville and Hayti.  This settlement was originally called Skinner’s Place for J.A. and Leonard Skinner who owned it.  There was a large building there which housed a grocery store and a night club.  In the 1930s , several killings took place there, and according to many accounts, it was known as one of the roughest places in the county. In 1937, Clarence Edward Mangold moved his wife and three children – Lois, Earvie and Betty – there from Kennett, originally coming from Mayfield, Kentucky, and bought the grocery store from the Skinners.  The settlement then became known as Mangolds Grove for the large grove of trees that grew south of the store. The Fourth of July celebrations there became widely known, and gypsies would pitch their tents there and large jamborees would take place.  The daughter of Clarence Mangold, Betty Mangold Taylor, lived at Mangolds Grove all her life and taught at Deering school system for many years, first as a counselor, then as a third grade teacher. 

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Mangold’s Grove

8 thoughts on “Mangold’s Grove – Where the Mangolds Come From

  1. So….Are these long distant grocery store relatives connected to you guys too? Can you map it all the way back? Interesting to dig into some history, isn’t it? I’d love to know more about mine too.

  2. Yes, Clarence Edward is my great-grandfather. Unfortunately, Clarence died of a heart attack and his brother later married my great-grandmother Ida Mangold. Ida ran the general store and gas station after Earvie her second husband passed away.

    Getting back further has been quite a challenge. Their info probably gets me dates back to the early 1900’s. Before that I’m lost. This is tough and time-consuming work. I wish you the best on your pursuit.

  3. Hey all you guys! Remember your aunt Mary Cecil? I am her daughter, Ruth and I remember well, Betty and Clyde and Dubbie (or perhaps it is spelled Duvvie), Stoney (does Stoney still have that bright red hair? ;-)

    Heck, I even remember Stoney’s pet chicken…..

    You have a beautiful site here and Uncle Clarence and Aunt Ida would be so proud of how you are preserving the Mangold name using cyberspace to do it…

    One quick question… Are the woods still there, (the “Grove”) ?

    Every time I read that poem about “The Woods are lovely, dark and deep… etc.”, I think of The Grove…

    take care, Ruth

  4. Welcome Ruth – I am so glad to be making contact with you and Roland. I would love to trace our roots and hear some stories about Clarence (my great-grandfather). I will be emailing you and stopping by Roland’s website too. Looking forward to staying in touch!

    I too have very, very fond memories of the grove. As a child I spent summers exploring those woods and walking those old dirt roads. Yes, the woods are still there and probably quickly overtaking the homestead.

    Stoney is still around but what little hair he does have left is thinning and turning gray. Admittedly, I have not seen him for quite a few years. But I recall he had a hairline much like Uncle Doc (Clyde).

    You’ll be hearing more from me soon.

  5. This is Rodger, Sr. allow me to clear things up. My father’s dad was grandpa Earvie and the lived in Cardwell Mo. My father was 3 years old when Pa Earvie was killed in an accident on the way to work, there car was hit by a drunk and Pa’s neck was broken. He is buried in Cardwell. Then Ma (Ida) married Clarence And he died of a heart attack in 1959 and thats when my dad Earvie (Buddy) and my mother Dovie and me and Mike moved there, and farmed the land until 1964. At which time we me moved back to MI. Ma(Ida) married a couple of times then she died in 1968.The farm is still there and the barn and house and we still own it today. Aunt Betty and Uncle Doc (Clyde) have past on and my father Earvie Buddy past in 2002. Aunt Ruby is still living in Hayti.

  6. Hi Ruth – It was my Aunt Betty her husband was Clyde Taylor. We called Clyde “Uncle Doc,” I never really knew why. Stoney will lives next to Mangold’s Grove off of Highway 412.

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